Heavon Propertindo: Company Profile

Contents Section I : Introduction. Section II : Mission Statement. Section III : Quality and Technical Statement. Section IV : Safety Statement. Section V : Programs Offered. Section VI : Organizational Chart. Section VII : General Description2


PT Heavon Propertindo is a private national company which was established in Jakarta in year 2008, Indonesia. PT Heavon Propertindo concern on providing any construction solutions for the planner, executing and advising. PT Heavon Propertindo comprises a group of dedicated professionals with hands on experience and thorough knowledge of Construction. PT Heavon Propertindo boasts an excellent safety record, we strive to offer our clients custom solutions to make them more competitive. PT Heavon Propertindo  is a turn key company with knowledge and experience, products and services.


The mission of PT Heavon Propertindo Building made for people to beautiful live in housing, residence, apartments, hotel, and office building and to continually provide efficient and effective service to industry and to promote the desirability of quality assurance in solution of construction and concultancy service.


PT Heavon Propertindo sets the highest standards, which we constantly aim to exceed. Our standards are to provide services at the highest quality to meet the requirements of the Quality Systems of our clients. Our people have individual responsibility for ensuring this high standard is achieved throughout the company with their capability, knowledge, andexperience on site planning, constructing, and building designs.


At PT Heavon Propertindo, the safety of our staff is a most paramount importance. The health and safety of employees and visitors is essential, we aim to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all and provide them with necessary information, instruction and training to achieve this aim.We recognize the importance of consultation on health and safety, and accept our responsibility in recognizing work related hazards, and assesments of risks associated with them.




Civil and Construction

Site Planning, Building Designs, Building Residence, Housing, appartement, and hotel, Community awareness5


Company Name : PT Heavon Propertindo

Organization Legal Form : Corporation with Limited Liability

Address : Jln. Arief Rahman Hakim, Depok, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

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