An Entrepreneur

Do You know about Entrepreneur? An entrepreneur risks his own capital, services, and skills in a company (or in several companies). Entrepreneurs exemplify the Indonesian dream—working without a boss and using their own hands to build a livelihood. Successful entrepreneurs seem to have a number of similar qualities. First, they know business, either from their own experience or through extensive research. Second, they are extremely motivated. The average number of working hours per week of a successful starting entrepreneur is seventy. This catches the typical Indonesian dreamer by surprise. Third, successful entrepreneurs become obsessed with—or at least fascinated by—all parts of their chosen area of expertise.

No aspect of the business is too large or too small to consider. The best thing about being an entrepreneur is that they control their own destinies to a greater extent than if they were working for someone else. Unlike working for someone else who judges their work and assigns a value to their services, every stitch of work they do goes toward their betterment. This puts immense pressure on the entrepreneurs, but it can also be the source of immense pleasure. The most important entrepreneurial concerns should be thought about long before the person starts her own business. She must know how to run the company and when to reassess management strategies. She must be on top of issues of cash flow, expansion (or consolidation), liquidity, and corporate governance. Over three-fifths of new businesses and franchises fail within eighteen months of opening their doors. Many of the factors leading to failure are uncontrollable by the entrepreneur. If she’s trying to sell widgets, and a widgets superstore opens down the street, she may be sunk. Being an entrepreneur means thinking about the business all the time, accepting its responsibilities and its failures. Big Entrepreneur in Indonesia; Budi Hartono, Tomy Winata, Ir. Ciputra, Arifin Panigoro, Aburizal Bakrie, etc.

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